About Podnusel√°k

Podnusel√°k is a neighbourhood run that takes place, since April 2019, every month in the Folimanka park and, since then, has established a new sports and community tradition in Nusle and around Folimanka. What should you know about Podnusel√°k?


Podnusel√°k route
Podnusel√°k route

‚ÄúADULT‚ÄĚ RUN: 2 laps through the FOLIMANKA park, 5 km on aggregate

‚ÄúCHILDREN‚ÄôS‚ÄĚ RUN: 1 lap, 2.5 km on aggregate

PLEASE NOTE: Children can sign up for the ‚Äúadult‚ÄĚ run but adults cannot officially sign up for the ‚Äúchildren‚Äôs‚ÄĚ run. They can, of course, take part in it, e.g. to run together with their offspring, but their performance won‚Äôt be timed.

If you’d ever like to do a training run of Podnuselák with the Strava app, here’s your chance!


Podnusel√°k is not a classic revved-up race but a TIMED COMMUNITY RUN, inspired by the famous Parkrun, which also started as a local neighbourhood run but boasts the tradition of more than 15 years now and has expanded all over the world. Podnusel√°k is not meant only for able-bodied runners but FOR ALL, including complete beginners and non-runners. You could conceive Podnusel√°k as an ideal opportunity to start running regularly! Age is no obstacle, everyone starts together.

The DISTANCE OF 5 KM is doable for everyone ‚Äď no need to run the entire distance, you can also combine running and walking, run in a conversational pace in a tandem or in a group. In the finish, we‚Äôll wait for everyone! No need to be ashamed of finishing last or performing poorly, of achieving a bad time‚Ķ That is not what matters, the goal not being to win at all costs or to beat the others. The point is to enjoy being active (and perhaps improving step-by-step) and motivating one another to stay active and, in the finish, to have a chat with friends and GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOURS over coffee and something sweet! YOU WIN JUST BY TAKING PART.

One aspect to keep in mind: the route includes a SHORT DIFFICULT SECTION: climbing the stairs (see no. 9 in the map; also applies to children, of course, since the routes are identical). Again, though: no need to overexert yourselves, you can walk up the stairs in your own pace. Upstairs you‚Äôll be rewarded with a scenic section along the city walls, from where you‚Äôll see as far as VyŇ°ehrad. The rest of the route is of standard, undemanding character but even if you do happen to suffer a minor graze and the like, we always have a medic present so there‚Äôs no need to worry. Our run does not aspire to be a professional competition whose participants arrive, run the race and disappear. We don‚Äôt intend to draw crowds by promising them professional service with prizes and free catering ‚Äď what we organize is a JOINT NEIGHBOURHOOD ACTIVITY that can be shaped by each active or passive participant: everyone can contribute e.g. by bringing refreshments, coming up with their own idea, etc. Also, your taking part as a volunteer marshal along the route every now and then instead of running the race will be much appreciated.

Practical Information

All you need to do for your timed participation is to sign up for the run at the TicketTailor website so that we can keep track of the number of participants (there wouldn’t be enough time for signing up on the spot if done en masse). For that purpose, well in advance before each run a unique link is issued for a simple, four-step signup: Select tickets → Next → filling in your data and clicking Next → Click here to complete this order.

Results and photos are then published within a couple of days at Podnuselák’s FB site and website.

Looking forward to seeing you running with us!