About us

The idea to launch the community run Podnusel√°k was conceived by Petr ҆t√°dler and his wife Lucie, of the ProbuńŹme Nusle association. When staying in Sheffield, the United Kingdom, they got inspired by their regular participation in the famous Parkrun‚Äôs local run. From that point it was only a short step away from founding a similar event, although one less exacting in terms of organization, in their home neighbourhood of Nusle, Prague. The run is organized by members and supporters of the ProbuńŹme Nusle association and other active individuals from Nusle and from around Folimanka to whom the idea of a community run has appealed.

Viliam Valent is a member of ProbuńŹme Nusle association and a triathlete in his spare time. Finding that juggling three sports wasn‚Äôt challenging enough, he also began helping with the organization of Podnusel√°k.

Petr ҆t√°dler is the chairman of the ProbuńŹme Nusle association and an enthusiastic recreational runner. He takes active interest in community affairs, in public space and its cultivation.

Lucie BalaŇ°t√≠kov√° is the associate committee member of the ProbuńŹme Nusle association, Podnusel√°k‚Äôs medic and also, as a keen runner, its most enthusiastic and most regular participant. No wonder she also held Podnusel√°k‚Äôs women‚Äôs record for some time!

Jan VrŇ°ovsk√Ĺ is Vinohrady‚Äôs resident at the moment but the promise of a community run makes him venture even to Nusle because he likes bottom-top initiatives. On the contrary, he prefers top-bottom perspectives while running. In projects as well as in hill running he specializes on technical obstacles.

Helena Kavanov√° has lived in Nusle for almost twenty years. She enjoys living there and likes to organize various events. The idea of a run through Nusle, the so-called Podnusel√°k, has appealed to her immediately ‚Äď she considers it to be an excellent event worthy of attention and support.

Karolina Mendlov√° is an active member of the PŇô√°tel√© Nuselsk√Ĺch schodŇĮ (Friends of Nusle Steps) initiative and an enthusiast into white wine, animals, sarcasm and electronic music. She‚Äôs not much into sports ‚Äď what energizes her is dancing, helping people and animals and cultivating her surroundings. And, most importantly: Fun is the spice of life!

KateŇôina Kozlov√° works as a physio, and can thus fill in as Podnusel√°k‚Äôs medic. She‚Äôs yet another member of our team with active Parkrun experience and, as another avid runner, she takes part in Podnusel√°k both as an organizer and as a contestant.